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Hybrid Car Review: Chevy Volt Finds a Home

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chevy Volt Finds a Home

With the high level of interest in the Chevy Volt, it's no wonder GM is trying to capitalize on the social aspects by introducing the E-REV in as many places as possible. From fan pages to facebook, the Chevy Volt is everywhere it seems.

But GM has finally created a home base for their social plug-in hybrid.  The Voltage ( will now be their base of operations, complete with blog and discussion boards, the Voltage will now be the source for all your Volt needs and questions.  GM will also be posting their videos and photos here.  Want to know when the next Volt event will occur, go to the events page.

Looks like GM wants to take charge of the social aspects of the Chevy Volt.  Makes me wonder how the people who have been running the fan sites up till now feel about it.  And will those who are interested flock to the new 'official' site, or will they continue to go to the 'unofficial' sites?  I would like to think GM would be smart enough to approach the site leaders and talk to them about how to work together.  Otherwise, they just might lose their biggest fans (and most likely customers).

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