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Hybrid Car Review: Honda Hybrid SUV

Friday, August 14, 2009

Honda Hybrid SUV

You would think that Honda, being one of the first hybrid developers over a decade ago, would have built a hybrid SUV by now. But, so far, Honda has shied away from the SUV and crossover hybrid market.


Ford has shown that a small, fuel efficient hybrid can be popular. The hybrid system from Honda is certainly developed enough, yet there is still no Honda hybrid SUV on the horizon.

Honda hasn't been afraid to experiment with their hybrid line-up. The first hybrid was a two-seater (Insight), while the next was more practical (Honda Civic Hybrid). The third hybrid from Honda was the Accord Hybrid, built on the premise of delivering more power for less fuel, but that failed. And then Honda went on to develop the Honda Insight II, a more 'economical' hybrid only car to compete with the Prius.

Next in line is a Honda Fit, an even smaller hybrid, but more likely cheaper option. Considering the sales data seems to show the Honda Insight II is competing with the Honda Civic Hybrid, I wonder what the Honda Fit Hybrid will compete with?

So, why not a SUV Honda Hybrid? Or perhaps a crossover hybrid? Is there a limitation on the size of the vehicle that won't allow the IMA system to be laid into the Pilot or CR-V? Would Honda have to develop a dual-mode hybrid system to place into these larger vehicles?

Only Honda can answer these questions. It's been over a decade, and Honda has shown a willingness to experiment with their hybrid products. It may be time to show how fuel efficient these SUV and Crossovers can be by giving them a hybrid option.

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