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Hybrid Car Review: Chrysler Will Have a Hybrid Ram in 2010

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chrysler Will Have a Hybrid Ram in 2010

Chrysler is still planning on introducing a hybrid Dodge Ram in 2010, but a diesel version is now in question.

To be honest, when I thought about Chrysler's hybrid plans, I thought they were basically dropping them. Chrysler had introduced two hybrid SUVs using the two-mode hybrid technology created with GM and BMW. But the hybrids were quickly dropped after just a couple of months. They had also at one point talked about the ENVI project and introducing an electric vehicle, but not a lot has been heard about that, either.

Then with the economy, the bankruptcy, etc... I had guessed, incorrectly it turns out, that Chrysler would just quietly drop the whole project.

Plans for a hybrid Ram roll forward | | The Detroit News

There have been no changes to the plans for the hybrid, Scott Kunselman, Chrysler senior vice president of engineering, confirmed in an interview at a recent Ram event here.
The engineering chief went on to cast a lot of doubt on the diesel version of the Ram. This may be surprising since the heavy duty diesel Ram is so popular, but the diesel is very popular with commercial buyers, unlike the light-duty Ram buyers who may not factor in the high resale value.

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