Hybrid Taxi Fleet in Phoenix ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Taxi Fleet in Phoenix

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hybrid Taxi Fleet in Phoenix

Clean Air Cab is going to be the second taxi fleet in the country to go all hybrid.

The company will offer a slightly lower rate than other area cab companies and claims to be carbon negative by by planting ten trees per month for each cab we have on the road in addition to our carbon offsets.

According to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, “Phoenix is committed to becoming the first carbon neutral city in the nation. We have been leaders on sustainability issues for decades and value responsible investments like this one to help us be the best stewards we can be.”

“We believe that going green isn’t something you do - it is something you are,” said Steve Lopez, Founder of Clean Air Cab. “Our intention is to take the trendy out of ‘going green’ and deliver a product that allows consumers to be green just by participating.”

Clean Air Cab has 26 cabs on the road and plans on buying 200+ cabs in the future. They currently use the Toyota Prius.

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