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Hybrid Car Review: Audi Says Not So Fast to Plug-in

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Audi Says Not So Fast to Plug-in

Audi of American President Johan de Nysschen brought the fight for diesel vs plugs to the forefront once again. Not surprisingly, given their success in Europe with diesels, Audi is a proponent of diesel technology.  And they would like it if the federal government would stop encouraging plug-ins so much.  He'd prefer it if they let the 'marketplace decide.' 

But other car makers and the Obama administration seem to disagree with him.

Johan de Nysschen points out that if 1/3 of Americans drove diesels, "America would save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day."

"I understand why political leaders have fallen in love with hybrids and electrics. But this may be the one time you'll hear someone in Washington say it shouldn't be a monogamous relationship," de Nysschen said.

But that's not enough for some. With oil dependence and environmental issues coming to the forefront, gas and diesel are taking the backseat to electricity right now.

The Obama administration has given $2.4 billion in cash grants to help develop battery technology and electric vehicles. Congress has set up $7,500 in tax breaks to those who buy cars like the Volt or plug-in Prius in the coming years. And Obama hopes to have 3 electric vehicle plants and 30 advanced battery factories running by 2015. That sort of production could lead to the production of 500,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles a year by 2015.

Those sort of federal incentives will allow plug-ins and electric vehicles to compete at first, given the head start diesels and gas only engines have.

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