Department of Defense Funding Next Generation of Research ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Department of Defense Funding Next Generation of Research

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Department of Defense Funding Next Generation of Research

The $636 billion Department of Defense appropriations bill has set million aside to develop hybrids, hydraulic hybrids, batteries, plug-in hybrids, etc... (Source: Det News).  From Lithium-ion battery production to all terrain hybrid vehicles, the appropriations bill is set to fund years of research into the electrification of America.

Funds Are Being Set Aside For
$27 million for domestic lithium ion battery production. These funds will be used for a competitive program to develop domestic industrial sources of advanced battery technologies for use in military applications. Lithium ion batteries also have dual-use applications in the commercial automotive industry for hybrid electric vehicles. The availability of domestically manufactured lithium ion batteries is critical to both the DoD and to the ability of our automotive manufacturers to produce the next generation of ground vehicles.

$9 million for an advanced battery development program. These funds would initiate a new advanced battery technology development program at TARDEC. Advanced battery technology offers tremendous potential to significantly improve the near-term operational performance and capability for military vehicles to generate, distribute and store electrical power. Advanced batteries are also recognized as a critical component of developing military hybrid vehicles.

$3.2 million to continue a coordinated hybrid engine development program at TARDEC. This merit-based program focuses on both basic and applied research in engine technology, power electronics, control technology and other areas. Research areas include theoretical analysis, computational design and analysis, and experimental verification components.

$3.28 million for the development and testing of advanced plug-in hybrid vehicle technologies. This project seeks to develop and deploy plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) technologies that will reduce DoD fuel consumption using conventional generation, renewable generation, and vehicles with exportable electric power.

$2.8 million for hydraulic hybrid vehicle technology. This research seeks to produce a new line of advanced, highly efficient, hydraulic pump and motor products, which will replace conventional automatic transmissions and could significantly improve overall drivetrain efficiency in military ground vehicles.

$2.4 million to continue development of lightweight, rechargeable lithium ion batteries using nanomaterials technology. Lithium ion batteries could be considerably lighter, much more capable, and more affordable than currently available battery systems.

$2 million for the development of a digital hydraulic hybrid system. The goal of this project is to develop a series hybrid hydraulic system that achieves significant weight and volume reduction while also gaining a 50 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over current technology. It is intended that the hybrid hydraulic system resulting from this research will be demonstrated on a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

$1.6 million for the development of a lightweight hybrid transmission for military ground vehicles. This project seeks to develop a hybrid transmission for military ground vehicles that will result in improved reliability, reduced weight, and increased fuel savings.

$1.6 million for the development of all-terrain hybrid electric vehicle technology.

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