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Hybrid Car Review: Hourly Hybrids on Hawaii

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hourly Hybrids on Hawaii

Green Car Hawaii is ready to try something new. When you visit Hawaii, you may spend a lot of time in and around your hotel, which means you may not need a rental car for most of your stay. What if you had the option of renting a car by the hour? What if it was a hybrid?

That's the idea behind Green Car Hawaii (found via Pacific Business). Owners Warren Doi and Justin MacNaughton. And it's all at an amazing rate of $15 an hour!

In partnership with Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i Resort and Spa, guests can rent one of four custom-made, family-friendly Ford Hybrid Escapes with all the latest technological frills, including an iPad, for an “all-inclusive” $15 per hour, Doi said.

The biggest difficulty I would see is getting to and from the hotel itself, but shuttles and buses can get you there and back to the airport. Now you don't have to worry about getting to the luau on the other side of the island.

Nice idea.

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