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Hybrid Car Review: Calcars Lists 20 Companies Making Plug-ins

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Calcars Lists 20 Companies Making Plug-ins

The Companies Who are Making Plug-in Vehicles - Calcars
Not to put too fine a point on it, but the reason you keep hearing about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) lately is because everyone is doing it.  Calcars put together a list of 20 car makers who are working on their plug-in hybrid technology, and the list just keeps on getting longer.

I love the image they put together (I hope they don't mind my posting it here with attribution to them!).  It really brings home how cars are moving towards electrification.

By merging the best of gas engines and electric cars (in other words, getting rid of range anxiety from electric cars while reducing gasoline usage), car makers are betting that PHEV technology will bring more consumers to the table than all electric vehicles will.  And with more stringent laws about emissions coming, car makers have to increase their fuel efficiency now.

Some car makers are more serious about their efforts than others, with Fisker basing their whole business model on electric options, GM building the Volt, Toyota plugging in the Prius and so on.  Others are just talking about it or building concepts that may or may not become production models.

The good news for you is, the more car makers who opt in, the more choices you have.  The better news is, with more companies working on and building cars with bigger batteries, the sooner the cost on those batteries will come down.

The Nissan Leaf, an electric vehicle with 100 miles range, is going to sell at for over $32,000 here in the US.  And at that price, Nissan is talking about taking a loss.  Over half of that price tag comes from the battery pack alone. The Chevy Volt, with 40 miles of all electric range, plus several hundred more miles of range using the gas engine, is predicted to cost $40,000.  Those price tags put the electric and plug-in electric cars out of the range of most buyers, even with the tax credits from the federal government (up to $7,500).

But with more companies jumping in, the more quickly the prices on the batteries and the technology will drop.  

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