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Hybrid Car Review: Rotary, Battery Price and Possible Price Drop for the Chevy Volt

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rotary, Battery Price and Possible Price Drop for the Chevy Volt

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Inside Line has the latest and greatest info for those interested in the Chevy Volt.  First, they let us know GM is looking at replacing the ICE in the first generation Volt with a rotary engine.  Second, they say GM is hoping the price tag on the battery pack would drop in half (from $10,000 to $5,000) by the time the second generation Volt is ready.

And third, GM is contemplating launching the Volt at around $35,000 to compete with the Nissan Leaf price.  There's been some contemplation on how the Leaf's price would affect other electric vehicles, but this is the first I've seen that GM was looking at dropping their probably price from $40K down to $35K in response.

That's really good news for those who have 'range anxiety' but are still interested in full electric driving.  The Volt will travel about 40 miles on all electric power before having the small gas engine recharge the battery pack.  And you can plug it in to recharge the car overnight, getting the full 40 miles again tomorrow.

But at $35,000, GM is basically subsidizing the sale.  Add in the possible $7,500 credit from the federal government, plus any local credits and the Volt is suddenly costing just about what a Toyota Prius costs.  That could move the early adopters and Prius converts into GM's corner.

BTW, Inside Line says GM is contemplating the rotary engine because of its size.  The rotary is actually less fuel efficient, and produces more vibrations which would require more dampening, but GM may consider those a small price to pay.  Other options include diesel or a two-cylinder motor.

Any of the three make the Volt more of a one-of-a-kind proposition, rather than something they can use in other models.

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