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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Test Plug-in Prius at Logan Airport

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toyota Test Plug-in Prius at Logan Airport

Toyota has been testing their plug-in Prius (due out in 2012 or so) in various sites and with different customers throughout the world. And now it's Logan Airport in Boston who gets to try one out.

It will only be for two months as Toyota gathers feedback and testing information. Massport officials, who run Logan, will use the "car to drive to meetings, visit construction sites and terminals, and to help with other errands."

That's most likely going to result in really good test results, as the miles driven at any time will most likely be very low, which means less reliance on gasoline and more on the battery pack. Unlike the Chevy Volt, the plug-in Prius is more like a souped up hybrid. It will drive at higher speeds on all battery power for longer time periods, but doesn't rely on just the one power source. The Volt goes for 40 miles (your miles will vary) before the gas engine kicks in. The Prius plug-in may start using the gas engine immediately (or not) depending on your use.

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