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Hybrid Car Review: Training for hybrid car technicians being developed

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Training for hybrid car technicians being developed

In an effort to increase trained technicians capable of working on hybrids, Macomb County Community College received a three year, $200K grant from the NSF (National Science Foundation) to cover the cost of creating a curriculum for working on hybrid cars.

The curriculum has been tough to build:
A growing need for hybrid mechanics

"It's a little difficult getting some information because the technology is so new that it is not widely circulated," said Urban, one of three auto instructors formulating the new curriculum. "There's not much written material out there, and the car companies are holding their information close to their vests. We have found some written material out there but we're trying to find a little deeper information.

"Getting deeper into it is tough."

The college will debut two, 16-week hybrid repair courses during the 2006-07 year. This first class will focus in on the fundamentals of hybrid technology, the second will delve into hybrid diagnostics.

This is good news for hybrid owners, as even though most routine maintenance can be handled by your local mechanic, the hybrid systems usually involve going to the dealer. And going to the dealer usually means paying more for the service.

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