Mercury Mariner hybrid sponsors Wild Oats Earth Day events ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Mercury Mariner hybrid sponsors Wild Oats Earth Day events

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mercury Mariner hybrid sponsors Wild Oats Earth Day events

As part of Earth Day celebration by Wild Oats, the mercury mariner hybrid will be highlighted through test drives and product specialists providing driving tips to help maximize fuel efficiency.

Ford is also sponsoring a sweepstakes to win a Mercury Mariner Hybrids. More information can be found on the Wild Oats website and in the Wild Oats online magazine.

Mercury has also set up an online driving game for educating consumers on how to drive in urban and suburban settings. The game is an educational tool designed to help drivers maximize safety and efficiency. It is supposed to be available at, but I couldn't find it there. I suppose it may not be up, yet.

Tips on maximizing fuel efficieny:

  • Allowing plenty of distance to slow the vehicle to a stop; a unique feature in a hybrid vehicle is the ability to recapture energy during braking, known as regenerative braking; extending the period of deceleration by decreasing the rate in which the vehicle slows down will store more energy in the high voltage battery;

  • Avoiding aggressive driving since quick acceleration and deceleration decreases fuel economy;

  • Driving at a smooth, constant speed as excessive variation in pedal input creates more operating mode changes and subsequently reduces fuel economy;

  • Driving at reasonable speeds (for instance, traveling at 60 mph uses approximately 20 percent less fuel than driving at 70 mph);

  • Storing hybrid vehicles in garages where there is less fluctuation in storage temperature ;

  • Keeping tires properly inflated and using only the recommended size;

  • Keeping wheels properly aligned;

  • Using recommended engine oil;

  • Performing all regularly scheduled maintenance.
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