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Hybrid Car Review: Honda CR-V Hybrid Cancelled?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Honda CR-V Hybrid Cancelled?

There are mixed reports about the upcoming hybrids coming out of Honda. I previously reported a story on about the Honda CR-V and Fit becoming hybrids in the near future. Hybridcars claimed to have an inside source at Honda. They claimed Honda would be outfitting the Fit with the hybrid engine from the Insight and the Honda CR-V hybrid would be available in late 2006.

But now the Inside Line (Edmunds) is claiming they have sources confirming the Honda CR-V was cancelled, citing the premium cost. Putting a hybrid engine into the CR-V would put a premium of $7000 onto the hybrid version. And, not surprisingly, Honda feels most consumers would not buy the hybrid version at that price.

Their source is also claiming the Honda Fit Hybrid is still being planned, but instead of using the Insights hybrid engine, the Hybrid Fit will be outfitted using a modified version of the powerplant used in the Honda Civic. The hybridized version will be slightly more costlyat a premium of $1,800. But it will be the first real full production economy car outfitted as a hybrid and capable of getting 50 mpg.


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