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Hybrid Car Review: Volvo C30 Hybrid in the future?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Volvo C30 Hybrid in the future?

Volvo is bringing the C30 to the US in 2008, in the hopes of garnering some younger customers. But, despite Ford having hybrid vehicles on the road and their own forays into the heavy vehicle hybrids, Volvo has not built any hybrid cars so far. But that may be changing.

According to Autobild (a german newspaper?), as reported by Autoblog, Volvo is creating a C30 hybrid concept car.

The drive system is reportedly a series hybrid, with the batteries being charged on the go by a diesel powerplant. There's plug-in charging capabilities, as well. The batteries alone can provide motive power for about 45 miles before the generator awakes.
Volvo tends to focus more on diesel engines, given their European focus. But they have invested in their own hybrid technology as well as other companies applicable research.

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ccsoleil said...

when oh when will I be able to buy one in the US??????


Mike said...

Unfortunately, the answer is no time soon. While Volvo has researched the hybrid system, there's nothing concrete saying they have anything coming anytime soon.

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