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Hybrid Car Review: Honda Recalls Civic Hybrids in the US and abroad

Friday, February 09, 2007

Honda Recalls Civic Hybrids in the US and abroad

GCC is reporting a Honda recall on the Civic Hybrid. Their source is in Japanese, so I'll have to take their word for it, although I'm sure the mainstream media will get the news out fast.

Honda is recalling over 45 thousand civic hybrids. The weight of a passenger sitting on the rear seat backrest could bend the wiring terminal, which affects a DC/DC converter that could cause a short which stops the engine.

Honda will recall 7,219 of the vehicles sold in Japan and another 38,116 sold overseas, mostly in the US. Cars affected are the entire production from the period 9 Sep 2005 to 2 Sep 2006.

Update: More detail (in English) at BusinessWeek.

It seems the short circuit would cause the engine to stop and prevent it from restarting. Honda is reporting no accidents.

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