GM Ends Hybrid Truck Production ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM Ends Hybrid Truck Production

Friday, April 27, 2007

GM Ends Hybrid Truck Production

GM has ended production of its Chevy Silverado Hybrid and GMC Sierra Hybrid. Considered mild hybrids, neither was very impressive.

The 'hybrid' system improved the mileage by 2 mpg never impressed anyone. And at a price tag over $30,000, it wasn't enough to make consumers excited about them. Only about 3,000 hybrid trucks were produced since they were released back in 2004

That slight improvement did make them the trucks with the highest fuel economy. GM hoped contractors would be attracted to having an electric generator (the electric engine), capable of producing 2,400 Watts with four 120-volt outlets.

The dual-mode hybrid (two-mode) is due out in 2008.

Source: Hybrids on Hold - AutoWeek

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