More Benefits for Driving a Hybrid ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: More Benefits for Driving a Hybrid

Friday, May 11, 2007

More Benefits for Driving a Hybrid

San Antonio started a program to allow hybrid owners free parking at any of the meters in town. The council, in their effort to promote air quality, decided to continue the program.

170 hybrids have already signed up for the program.

Ikea decided to reward hybrid owners with great parking in Canada. The program starts May 16 and includes any low-emissions vehicle.

"At this time we're saying hybrids but it's really open to people driving what we also are considering low-emission vehicles — anything that falls under the recent federal government incentive program would apply," Ikea spokeswoman Debbie McDowell said.

Ikea is also asking anyone who is loading their car at the loading dock to turn the engine off.

Related: Home Depot started a similar parking for low emissions program (at least out in Chicago). Logan Airport in Boston made hybrids preferential and Portland gave free parking spots to hybrid cars.

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