Hybrid Car Sales, May 2007 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Car Sales, May 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hybrid Car Sales, May 2007

Hybrid Car Sales May 2007Hybrid car sales rocketed upwards, with an increase of 91.5% from last May in the US. In total, 45,095 units were sold. Note that this total does not include GM hybrids like the Vue and Aura, which are mild hybrids. Since GM does not break out hybrid numbers, it makes it very hard to find them.

Half of the hybrids sold in May were Prius, allowing Toyota to corner over 80 percent of the hybrid marketplace. Altogether, Toyota increased hybrid car sales by 110% over last May. Ford (12% gain from last May), Honda (42% gain from last May) and Nissan also saw huge gains in overall hybrid car sales this month. The huge sales increases may be attributed to higher gas prices and aggressive sales pitches, especially on the part of Toyota, to sell hybrids.

Toyota Hybrid Car Sales
The Camry set new records as well by increasing sales 126.0% to 6,853 unitsAs I previously noted, Toyota sold a record number of hybrid cars. In total, Toyota sold 36,101 units. The Prius alone sold 24,009 units, an increase of 196.3% from last May.. Highlander Hybrid sales were down 11.8% to 3,312 units sold. Both Lexus models were also down. Lexus sold 181 units of the GS 450h and 1,746 units of the RX 400h, a decrease of 38.4% and 13.0% respectively.

Percent Hybrid Car Sales May 2007Honda Hybrid Car Sales
Honda took 11.0% of the hybrid marketplace, selling 4,959 units. Most of their sales came from the Civic Hybrid, which increased sales by 56.4% to 4,520 units sold. That placed it third in hybrid car sales behind the Prius and the Camry Hybrid. The V-6 Accord Hybrid sold 439 units, a decrease of 15.6%. Note: Honda has decided to end production of the Accord Hybrid given its lackluster sales.

Nissan Hybrid Car Sales
Nissan sold 821 units of the Nissan Altima Hybrid. On sale since February, this figure represents its highest sales month so far. The Altima Hybrid is only sold in eight states that follow the California emissions guidelines.

Ford Hybrid Car Sales
Ford had a record month, showing double digit growth. Ford increased sales by 12.3% from last May to 3,214 units on its Ford Escape Hybrid / Mercury Mariner Hybrid.

May to May Hybrid Car SalesTrends Are Not All Good
Not all hybrid car sales are good. Hybrid SUV sales, despite Fords double digit increases on their hybrid SUV combo, are down over four percent. Also, the Honda Accord Hybrid sales have continued to be sluggish and Honda has decided to pull the plug. Both of these indicators show consumers are looking for fuel economy from their hybrid, not performance.

Hybrid Car Sales, April 2007

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