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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Hits New Record with Hybrid Car Sales

Friday, June 01, 2007

Toyota Hits New Record with Hybrid Car Sales

"As for hybrids, the market's appetite continues unabated, with Prius also establishing an all-time record," said Jim Lentz, TMS executive vice president.

Toyota set an all time high in hybrid car sales in the month of May. Under the brand of Toyota and Lexus, they increased sales by 102 percent over last May, selling 36,101 hybrid vehicles. Toyota Division increased sales by 121 percent from last year. That brings their total year-to-date hybrid sales up to 119,154 units, an increase of 75 percent over the same period last year.

Some of that increase is from the addition of the Toyota Camry Hybrid last April, but not all. The Prius set an all time high record of 24,009 units sold in May, which is an increase of 196.3% from last May. The Toyota Camry Hybrid also set an all time record of 6,853 units sold, which is an increase of 126.0% from last year.

Ford, the only other automaker who has reported on hybrid sales so far, also hit double digit growth, selling 3,214 units of its Hybrid Escape and Mercury Mariner. That's an increase of 12.3% over last year.

I expect I'll have all the numbers in by next week, so look for my usual hybrid car sales report for the month of May around then.

Update: The Toyota Prius moved into ninth place among all vehicles for the month and cracking the list of 10 top sellers for the first time, the company said.

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NJblogger said...

Error in your blog post:
last May, selling 26,1010 hybrid vehicles

The number should be 34,174

Mike said...

Oops, that should have said 36,101 units sold in the month of May. I'll have to talk to my editor! :-)


Mike said...

Oh, and thanks!

Mike said...

The 34,174 is the number sold under the Toyota brand alone.

Anonymous said...

If Prius sales are increasing so much, why is Toyota offering unprecedented rebates on them?

Mike said...

Toyota is offering the rebates to offset the loss in Federal Tax Credits. They are also trying to hit a very aggressive sales goal for what was considered a niche vehicle. Since they just hit number 9 overall for the Prius, I'd say the rebates are working.

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