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Hybrid Car Review: All Politics are Local Hybrids

Thursday, September 27, 2007

All Politics are Local Hybrids

When it comes to local politic, anything goes. While we've seen some local politicians jump on and do what they can to encourage hybrid cars (see this previous story on how Connecticutt politicians want you to buy a hybrid), but it doesn't always work.

And unlike national politics, sometimes Republics really do love hybrids, while democrats are not so much...

In Vernon, CT, the town council voted 6-5 to enact a tax break for owners of hybrid vehicles (or other environmentally friendly vehicles) that manage to get 40 mpg. Unfortunately, they needed 7 votes to get the ordinance passed.

If it had passed, local owners would have gotten $32.91 net savings ($1,000 off the property tax value). There are currently 371 vehicles in Vernon that would have qualified for the tax relief.

The strange part, for those who are used to national politics, is the Republicans voted for the tax break, while the Democrats voted against it.

The local Republicans were looking to do what they could to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The Democrats feel that hybrid cars are pricey, which means they would be giving a tax break to the rich.

I would point out to those Democrats that's the whole point. Right now, hybrid car prices are higher than their counterparts, making people who have moderate or lower incomes less likely to buy them. Which is why they are the ones who need the incentives.

They could have also pointed out that it's not just hybrids they would be giving the incentives to (if I'm reading this correctly). The smaller cars that are capable of getting 40 mpg are not for the 'rich' and are basically cheap (for cars) to buy.

Either way, a $32 tax break isn't going to push anyone one way or the other, and certainly can't be seen as giving a break to the rich. It's more of a symbolic gesture about what the town could do to help promote our addiction to oil.

Follow the category link below for other state and local incentives being discussed and implemented across the country.

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