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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nissan and Daimler AG were recognized by the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project in its Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (see report list) for the first time this year. The group surveys around 2,400 companies, but only 68 make the index.

Last year the CDP recognized BMW AG, Ford Motor Co, Renault SA, Toyota Motor Corp and DaimlerChrysler.

Daimler AG (CDLI Rating of 90) and Nissan (CDLI Rating of 85) were both awarded a rating of BBB. CDLI ratings are based on disclosure, while the Innovest Carbon Beta Rating go from CCC (worst in class) to AAA (best in class).

The summary report points to the "broadening scope of alternative drivetrain development" for the automotive industry.

As research continues to strengthen the Automobiles sector’s understanding of different drivetrain technologies, companies are establishing multi-faceted approaches to product portfolio diversification. BMW, which previously concentrated its product R&D purely on fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, has partnered with General Motors and DaimlerChrysler to develop hybrid electric vehicles. DaimlerChrysler’s ‘roadmap’ toward sustainable mobility outlines clean combustion engines as its short-term goal, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles as its mid-term goal, and emissions-free fuel cell vehicles as its long-term goal. Similar strategies are evident in responses from Honda, Renault and Toyota.

Normally, Honda and Toyota are the car companies most often recognized for their environmental concerns. Honda because it usually has the 'greenest' fleet, while Toyota produces around 80% of the hybrids sold.

Related: Target Toyota: Toyota has come under fire lately for supporting the weaker CAFE standards being proposed.

Original Source for the announcement from Nissan: Nissan, Daimler praised for environmental efforts - Automotive News Europe

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