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Hybrid Car Review: D.C. May Offer $2,000 to Hybrid Cabs

Thursday, October 11, 2007

D.C. May Offer $2,000 to Hybrid Cabs

The District of Columbia city council is deliberating a bill that would give $2,000 in tax credits to any cab companies that purchase a hybrid car to use as a taxi. That's a big incentive for anyone considering it. Add on the possible federal tax credit and a local reduction in registration cost and excise taxes, and now we're really talking.

The bill also would require the mayor to publish a report on the status of hybrids and other alternative fuel technology in D.C. The same report would also set up goals for ho to phase out the more traditional cabs.

Councilmember Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) presented the bill on October 3, saying "[W]ith our taxicab fleet comes a lot of pollution—and it is incumbent upon us to do everything we can to demand more fuel-efficiency from those vehicles and create the incentives that help get us to our goals."

Wells’ Chief of Staff Charles Allen said that "The leadership part is about setting goals of having fifty percent of our taxicabs being hybrid by the end of the decade."

Source:The Georgetown Voice

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