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Hybrid Car Review: Mahindra Hybrid SUV Will Come to the US

Friday, November 02, 2007

Mahindra Hybrid SUV Will Come to the US

According to a Reuters report, Mahindra, a utility vehicle and tractor maker from India, is looking to market hybrid SUVs in the US. Despite being relatively unknown in the US, Mahindra has been around for 50 years in India.

"Given the growing opposition to SUVs in the United States, we have a plan to market hybrid SUVs," Anand Mahindra said at a conference on climate change.
The Scorpio SUV will be coming to the US in 2008, and saw a huge gain in India during the month of October.
India's biggest maker of sport-utility vehicles reported a 46 percent gain in domestic auto sales in October on higher demand for the Scorpio SUV and the Logan sedan.
It's unclear when they would follow through with hybrid models.

Mahindra has estimated the compact SUV Scorpio which runs on diesel will get 30 mpg city and 37 mpg highway.

Mahindra has modest goals in its first few years. They are looking to sell just 18,000 vehicles in the last six months of 2009, followed by 45,000 in 2010. They are targeting a select group of consumers: "green" customers, people who have bought Mahindra tractors, and Indian expatriate households in the U.S.

Source: India's Mahindra to sell hybrid SUVs in the US - Automotive News and Bloomberg and BusinessWeek.

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