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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Will Enter the Le Mans with Supra Hybrid

Monday, January 21, 2008

Toyota Will Enter the Le Mans with Supra Hybrid

Toyota will be entering the Le Mans in 2010 using their Supra Hybrid, the car that won the Tokachi 24-hour race held in Japan last year. The Supra hybrid is built using ultra-capacitors, allowing it to withstand the rapid changes in speeds necessary to compete in the race.

"Current hybrid racing cars are still too heavy and suffer from inadequate transmission efficiency," a Toyota official said.

Toyota is hoping to promote hybrid technology in Europe by competing and hopefully winning the Le Mans. Toyota has been focusing on the F-1, since they stopped competing in the Le Mans race in 1999.

"There are a number of uncertain factors such as our [future] results in F-1 that might affect our ability to meet the challenge," a Toyota executive said. "But our target is definitely Le Mans."

The Supra Hybrid won Engine of the Year for 2007. Toyota was selected by Race Engine Technology and voted on by race engine professionals from across the globe.

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