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Hybrid Car Review: Acura Hybrid Not Coming Soon

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Acura Hybrid Not Coming Soon

VP Dick Colliver noted that Acura "does not think a hybrid powertrain is appropriate for larger vehicles." He may be right, but GM is willing to find out for him. GM, along with Chrysler, have a whole slew of hybrid SUVs and trucks coming out in the next few years, none of which are going to be confused with a compact anytime soon.

It may be wise to have a wait and see attitude when it comes to large hybrid vehicles, but falling too far behind may be a really bad move.

Source: Acura is Not Going Hybrid Any Time Soon

At the same time, Colliver recognizes that consumers want more environmentally-friendly options and that's why Acura is working to provide a new 2.2L four-cylinder diesel in some of its new models. This is interesting, because polls are showing that Americans favor hybrids over diesels.

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