More Proof The Volt is Being Overhyped ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: More Proof The Volt is Being Overhyped

Monday, February 11, 2008

More Proof The Volt is Being Overhyped

For a car that hasn't even been developed, yet, the Chevy Volt is being overhyped by the automotive community and by GM. Case in point, just a passing comment by GM that the technology that powers the Volt may be passed along to other brands causes one sales owner to say, "It was just a passing comment, but my eyes popped out. I would hope they would share the wealth a little bit."

If GM thought the killing of the electric car was bad press, imagine if the Volt fails to 1) appear on time or 2) fails to get 40 miles on electric power alone. Although GM is pushing hard to meet it's own deadline, producing vehicles is hard to do (See interview with Lutz on the Volt). Other projects within GM are being pushed back in order to fit the Volt's timeline.

The Volt may be worth all the hype, but right now, GM is definitely taking a big gamble on it.

"Their desire is for GM to take the lead in being green," he said. "They want GM to be the worldwide leader in that area."

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