Washington May Get Greenhouse Gas Excise Tax ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Washington May Get Greenhouse Gas Excise Tax

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Washington May Get Greenhouse Gas Excise Tax

Green Car Congress notes a bill that is being presented in Washington (the state) that, if passed, would set a passenger vehicle greenhouse gas excise tax.

Proposed Passenger Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Excise Taxes
Fuel economy ratingTax
≤ 10 mpg $240
11 mpg $220
12 mpg $200
13-14 mpg $180
15-16 mpg $160
17-18 mpg $140
19-21 mpg $120
22-26 mpg $100
27-34 mpg $80
35-48 mpg $60
49+ mpg $40
Taxes Based on Engine Displacement
Displacement (L)Tax
4.0L or more $240
3.0L to <> $180
1.5L to <> $200
13-14 mpg $120
<> $80

It's one of the first proposals of its kind, but it won't be the last. Like a gas tax, the idea is to pass payment off to those who are producing the most greenhouse gases. But then, why not just have a gas tax?

Proceeds of this tax would be used for the design, construction, and operations of transportation facilities and services that provide alternatives to the use of single-occupant vehicles and for programs that encourage the use of these facilities and services. Allowable uses of these revenues would include—but would not be limited to—transit, high-capacity transportation, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and transportation demand management programs.
Senate Bill 6923

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