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Hybrid Car Review: Pranksters Force Hybrid Buses Off the Road

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pranksters Force Hybrid Buses Off the Road

Hybrid Buses in SFIn San Francisco, they added diesel hybrid buses to their public bus fleets a while ago. But, some pranksters have forced SF Municipa Railway workers to rethink where those hybrid buses can go.

The problem is a switch in an unlocked access panel on the outside. Someone has been reaching in and turning off the switch, causing the lights to go out, and keeping the bus from accelerating. It also turns off the radio.

While this could be thought of a nuisance, I would think it could also be a dangerous issue. Depending on where the bus is when it gets 'shut off,' the driver could be in danger exiting the bus to turn it back on. I would also wonder about the neighborhood safety issue.

Officials have decided to move the diesel hybrid buses off that route until they can figure out how to stop it from happening again.

Source: Pranksters target power switches on hybrid Muni buses - San Jose Mercury News

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