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Hybrid Car Review: Start-Stop Comes to Next Generation VW Golf

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Start-Stop Comes to Next Generation VW Golf

VW will introduce start-stop technology to the next generation Golf (known as the Rabbit in the US). The sixth generation Golf, available in late 2008 or early 2009 will come with the ability to stop it's engine when the car comes to a stop.

VW labels its most fuel efficient models as BlueMotion. The BlueMotion Golf model will come standard with start-stop and will come with a smaller, more efficient gas engine. The technology will be available as an option in other models.

VW is looking to add stop-start to other models, as well.

Source: New Golf will get stop-start - Automotive News Europe

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Anonymous said...

Now...was that so hard to put start/stop features in a car?

It's about f'ing time.

Mike said...

You're going to be seeing start-stop in a lot of new cars coming in the next few years. The problem, from an automotive executive's point of view is the expense of the system. The start/stop system only saves a few percentage points of gas.

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