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Hybrid Car Review: BMW Says They Can Not Meet the New CAFE Standards by 2015

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

BMW Says They Can Not Meet the New CAFE Standards by 2015

BMW, one of the first car makers to respond, has said the new CAFE rules are 'not feasible.'  The new CAFE standards are being set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Each automaker will end up with a different standard to meet, based on the size of the vehicles they sell. 

Under the new guidelines, BMW will need to meet a new standard of  37.7 mpg in 2015.

BMW is hoping the Bush administration would accept an alternative plan to raise the fuel efficiency by 4.5 percent a year over the standards set in 2010.

Source: BMW calls CAFE plan ‘not feasible’ - Automotive News

It seems the new CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) rules have just about ticked off everyone.  The governors are protesting some of the wording, which will essentially keep the states from setting their own guidelines.  The automakers are unhappy about meeting a new standard, but figure it's better than having each state set their own rules.  Environmentalist figure it doesn't do enough, with all sorts of loopholes.  Conservatives want the market to figure it out.

I figure any increase in the fuel economy figures is better than none. 

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