Mass Congress Decides to Drop Hybrid Tax Break ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Mass Congress Decides to Drop Hybrid Tax Break

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mass Congress Decides to Drop Hybrid Tax Break

The Mass House sent the energy bill to be signed by Governor Patrick, but only after the hybrid car incentive had been stripped out. In part, the hybrid car tax break was dropped because of financial issues, but there was another reason, as well.
Lawmakers said they dropped the House’s initial proposal to offer tax breaks for hybrid vehicle buyers in part because of the state’s tightened purse and in part because the pressure rising gas prices put on people to buy the hybrids.

“All anyone has to do is go to the gas pump for the incentive,” the lead House conferee, Rep. Brian Dempsey, D-Haverhill said.

DiMasi said, “If you’re not looking at hybrids right now, you have way too much money.”

The bill would instruct the state to swap out older vehicles with more fuel-efficient versions.
Could this be a signal that many of the hybrid car incentives are about to come to an end?

With hybrid cars selling almost as quickly as car makers can build them, especially the Prius, this sort of commentary could become common. Incentives for new car technology will most likely switch to plug-in hybrid, instead.

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