Escalade Hybrid Will Hit the Streets This Month ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Escalade Hybrid Will Hit the Streets This Month

Friday, August 08, 2008

Escalade Hybrid Will Hit the Streets This Month

Cadillac Escalade HybridWith a price tag of $71,685, the Hybrid Escalade will hit the mean streets at an MSRP of just over $3,600 of it's more conventional gas-only counterpart.  But you will gain 50% in fuel economy in city driving.

I'm willing to bet this will be a big seller (for a luxury SUV, a category which has it's own standards for number of sales).  People who opt to buy an Escalade will probably be easy to convince to 'upgrade' their new ride to a hybrid. 

The Escalade Hybrid system is based on the two-mode hybrid technology GM developed with BMW and DaimlerChrysler.  You can find it in the Tahoe and Yukon Hybrids.  Along with the hybrid powertrain, the Escalade uses the Active Fuel Management that cuts you down from 8 cylinders to 4 when you don't need them.

And obviously, the Escalade from Cadillac will come with all the luxury options as standard except for power running boards and four-wheel drive.

That just leaves one question, will "HYBRID" be written across every available space like it was on the demonstration vehicles?  Or will your 'green cred' have to be a little more subtle?

Photo from flickr by Alipyon.

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