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Hybrid Car Review: Chinese Automaker BYD Launches Plug-in Hybrid Car

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chinese Automaker BYD Launches Plug-in Hybrid Car

As promised, Chinese automaker launched their first plug-in hybrid car, the F3DM (F3 Dual Mode) in Shenzhen, China. It can run up to 62 miles on electric power, then switches over to running on the gas engine. It takes nine hours to recharge using a normal outlet.

And all this for just $22,000 (149,800 yuan). The car will be the first commercialized (according to BYD) plug-in hybrid and is in direct competition with projects like the Chevy Volt from GM and the plug-in Prius being developed by Toyota.

Source: China battery company launches plug-in hybrid car | | The Detroit News

The problem is it's unknown what kind of standards have been met with the production of the F3DM. We'll know more if or when BYD begins exporting the F3DM to other countries, including the US.  BYD has said they wish to start exporting to the US by the end of 2009, beginning of 2010.

BYD is receiving compensation from the Chinese government, and local authorities have pledged to buy the F3DM in order to further support their efforts.

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AutoSelect said...

BYD has managed to beat large car makers in the world including General Motors Corp,Toyota Motor Co, and Daimler AG who have been trying to launch mass-produced plug-in electric and hybrid cars to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Mike said...

They certainly had an advantage, since they were a battery company. But, again, I worry about the standards used in creating the car. I may be overly concerned, but we'll see if/when the car comes to the US.

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