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Hybrid Car Review: Mercedes-Benz Fined $28.9 Million for CAFE Violations

Friday, January 09, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Fined $28.9 Million for CAFE Violations

According to an AP story (Detroit Free Press), Mercedes Benz paid $28.9 million fine for violating the federal fuel efficiency guidelines in 2008. That means Mercedes-Benz paid the largest share in the total fines on imported passenger cars from the 2007 model year. There was a total of $37 million in fines levied on six different automakers.

Volkswagen came in second with a $4.5 million fine in August. Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari and Saleen Inc paid the rest.

The Mercedes-Benz fine was the second biggest on record assessed by the NHTSA for CAFE violations according to the story. The biggest fine was paid by DaimlerChrysler back in 2007 when they mostly imported Mercedes-Benz luxury cars.

It seems the CAFE fines are mostly being assessed against luxury vehicle manufacturers and importers, whose companies regularly take the fine into their business expenses.

Is that what CAFE is for?

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