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Hybrid Car Review: Renting Hybrid Cars Makes Sense

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Renting Hybrid Cars Makes Sense

Even though it costs more to buy a hybrid car, it seems some rental companies are seeing a good return on their investment. They get to charge more and they give their customers more choices.

And so far, according to anecdotal reports, it's working.

"They're really flying off the lot like hotcakes," Stone said of the Stamford facility. "We have had very positive feedback. People feel good about renting because they are helping the environment. The employees feel great about it, too."

Hybrid rental prices, however, are higher than those for their all-gasoline counterparts because hybrid vehicles cost more to buy. Enterprise hybrid rates run $62.39 daily for the standard size Toyota Prius, $67.14 for the full-size Nissan Altima and $88.99 for the Ford Escape sports utlity vehicle.

That's good news for both the customers and the rental agencies. And it's also good news for those who advocate hybrid cars in the first place. By renting a hybrid car, more people are being exposed to the truth about hybrid cars, rather than the myths.

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