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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Says Fuel Economy of Plug-In Prius is Still Unknown

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Toyota Says Fuel Economy of Plug-In Prius is Still Unknown

Toyota wants you to know they are not ready to make any claims about fuel economy for the plug-in Prius. A recent story in Automotive News noted test plug-in Prius on the road were averaging 65 mpg.

Irv Miller, VP Environmental and Public Affairs, in the Toyota blog, says Toyota believes the quoted mpg comes a misunderstanding. The reporter and the spokesperson, "who were also discussing Prius vehicles that had been converted to plug-ins by aftermarket companies and are currently being tested by private individuals, companies, utilities and so on. Many of these owners of converted PHVs have stated or publicly posted performance numbers in the 65 mpg range.

For the record, Toyota has only a small test fleet of PHVs in the U.S. and has never offered mileage estimates on PHV technology. These PHVs are being used for auto show displays, brief demonstrations and university studies. They are very early "converted" prototypes using double nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Miller notes the plug-in Prius will be using lithium-ion battery packs, but individual results will vary based on conditions and driving habits.  But since they are using lithium-ion battery packs instead of nickel metal hydride, I would guess Toyota expects their fuel economy figures will be higher than 65 mpg. 

Maybe they got tired of seeing all the comparisons between them and the Chevy Volt, which may end up with over 120 mpg rating from the EPA.

But mostly it sounds like Toyota is covering themselves from any repercussions on fuel economy claims in the future.

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