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Hybrid Car Review: Japan May Subsidize Hybrid Cars

Monday, April 06, 2009

Japan May Subsidize Hybrid Cars

In an effort to increase automotive sales in Japan and promote fuel efficiency, Japan is considering a $3,000 subsidy for anyone buying a hybrid.

The subsidy would be available to anyone who buys more fuel efficient cars, whether hybrid, electric, or gas and diesel engines that meet emissions requirements. Minicars would be eligible for 100,000 yes, while larger cars can qualify for up to 200,00 yen. Cars that are 13 years or older that get traded in would get you another 100,000 yen.

This is all according to a Nikkei report via GreenCarCongress. If enacted, the subsidies could kick in as early as this summer.

This is good news for us, since anything that promotes hybrid cars in Japan will result in a higher focus on fuel efficiency by the Japanese automakers who already have the lead on hybrids.

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