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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Recalls Highlander and Highlander Hybrid

Monday, April 27, 2009

Toyota Recalls Highlander and Highlander Hybrid

Approximately 39,100 Highlander and Highlander Hybrids are being recalled as part of an Equipment Safety Recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). An optional accessory, Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip retention Clamps, may develop cracks and fall off due to improper heat treatment.

The clamp can be found in 2008 MY Highlander and Highland HV vehicles sold in the US.

Due to improper heat treatment, the original clamp used to secure the stainless steel exhaust tip to the exhaust pipe may develop microscopic cracks. If this occurs, the crack may expand causing the clamp to break and in the worst case the exhaust tip may fall off.

Although approximately 39,100 accessory kits may be affected, all of the 121,000 vehicle owners will be notified. This accessory is installed at the Toyota vehicle processing centers and dealers, and is available over-the-counter.

There have been ten reports of this condition, and no other vehicles are involved.

Notification of owners will begin in May. The notification will include inspection instructions for owners to determine if their vehicle is equipped with this accessory. Affected owners are requested to contact their local Toyota dealer for inspection and repair.

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