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Hybrid Car Review: Saturn Sold to Penske, What About the Hybrids?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Saturn Sold to Penske, What About the Hybrids?

As Saturn is sold off to Penske Automotive Group, headed by Roger Penske, we're left with some questions about what will happen to Saturn.  Although the deal includes all of the Saturn dealerships (350 or so) and GM will continue to build Saturn cars for two years, it's unclear about how the future will unfold.  In my case, I'm left wondering a great deal about how GM will handle their hybrids in the future.

Saturn has been a test-bed for GM, with the Aura and Vue receiving the mild hybrid system (BAS) developed for GM cars.  The Vue was supposed to get the dual-mode hybrid system, turning it into a full hybrid vehicle, as well as becoming one of the first plug-in hybrids from GM.  But both of those are off the table now.

That leaves Penske with the mild hybrid Vue and Aura, but no ability to develop the next level of hybrids.  If Penske has dealers, but no production, what then?  What if he turns to other automakers in the future to build hybrid cars?  Will it be like the Nissan Altima Hybrid built with the Toyota Hybrid System?  Or will Penske stick with GM after two years to building whatever they have in stock, just with a different brand name?

Some would say this leaves Penske (Saturn) with all the options in the world.  Able to pick and choose what to build and what to sell, Saturn could do very well in the future. 

But GM is losing something here.  The hybrid technology isn't going anywhere, but their test bed is.  How will that affect future line-ups?  Is the Volt the pre-cursor to a change in how GM goes about their future?  If Saturn used to be the testing site, will Chevy now be considered first in line for any future vehicle propulsion?

Lots of questions and few answers...

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