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Hybrid Car Review: Fisker Expects Karma Rated at 67 mpg

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fisker Expects Karma Rated at 67 mpg

Fisker Automotive will be bringing the Karma plug-in hybrid electric sports car to the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Fisker expects half of all their sales will occur in Europe.

Fisker expects the Karma to be rated at 83g CO2/km and 3.5L/100km (67 mpg), but take those numbers with a lot of salt. The EPA and European equivalents really need to work on a different standard for range extended electric vehicles (electric vehicles and plug-ins). If you put in a gallon of gas into your car and expect to go 67 miles on it, you're going to be way off.

Even in the long run, that number is meaningless. If you drive under 40-50 miles a day (the all electric range for the Karma), you're going to use a lot less fuel, if any, than if you drive 60, 70 or hundreds of miles between plugging in. The gas engine will recharge the battery after it is depleted, so how much fuel you use will be completely up to the driver.

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