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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Truck Research Bill

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hybrid Truck Research Bill

The house has passed a bill to create a grant program targeted at heavy duty hybrid trucks. The Senate has introduced a companion bill.

"Hopefully we can get some movement on this measure this time around," said Paul Tonko , D-N.Y. "By enhancing the Department of Energy’s research program in heavy duty hybrid trucks, this bill draws much-needed focus to a very critical component of the transportation sector — that being commercial trucks."

Source: CQ Politics | House Passes Bill to Encourage Hybrid Trucks

$3 million a year would be set aside for the research program. The first phase would allow one year for the recipients to produce an advanced heavy-duty hybrid vehicle, while the second/third year would be used to produce 50 trucks.

The heavy duty hybrids would have a gross weight of 14,000 - 33,000 pounds.

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