Subaru Hybrid Tourer ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Subaru Hybrid Tourer

Monday, October 05, 2009

Subaru Hybrid Tourer

Subaru will be bringing their gull-winged Hybrid Tourer concept to the Tokyo Auto Show. The 2-liter, direct injected, turbocharged 'Horizontally-Opposed Boxer Engine' is mated to two electric motors for all wheel drive fun.

The two electric motors will be used in different situations as needed. The rear motor is used in acceleration situations and to run the vehicle at 'extremely low speeds' in all electric power. 

The front electric motor serves as a power generator and in accelerating uphiill, assisting the gas engine which does most of the powering.

Subaru has said they are planning on a hybrid vehicle, maybe as early as 2011, but are planning on licensing the hybrid synergy drive from Toyota. So it's unclear how much of what you see in the Tourer will show up in a production vehicle.

The gas engine shuts off when the vehicle comes to a stop, and regenerative braking helps to recharge the battery pack.  The lithium-ion battery pack is derived from the Subaru Stella EV which just launched in Japan.

Some Features of the Tourer
  • The top of the dashboard is movable up and down to provide an optimal driving environment for the driver according to driving conditions.
  • A flat floor in the rear seat was achieved even with the implementation of AWD, for improved use and movement inside the cabin.
  • Specialized shielding is incorporated in the windshield to reduce eyestrain on the driver.
  • New leather covering developed with superior breathability and a ventilation function is used in the seats for improved comfort and texture.
  • Lineartronic, Subaru’s new generation automatic transmission, achieves further improvements in both fuel efficiency and driving performance by reinforcing parts for use with the high-power output of a turbo engine.
  • Length x Width x Height: 4,630 x 1,890 x 1,420mm
  • Engine type: 2.0-liter Horizontally-Opposed direct fuel-injection turbo gasoline engine
  • Max output of Motor: 10kW (Front) / 20kW (Rear)
  • Transmission type: Lineartronic
  • Drive train: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive with 2 motors assist
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery

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