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Hybrid Car Review: Audi A8 Hybrid on the Way to Geneva

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Audi A8 Hybrid on the Way to Geneva

Audi, who will not, I repeat, not build mild hybrids, is going to reveal a full hybrid A8 at the Geneva Auto Show in March. This according to board chairman Rupert Stadler who was speaking to reporters at the Detroit Auto Show.

Stadler revealed the A8 Hybrid will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack developed by Sanyo. He expects the fuel efficiency to increase by 15 percent over the current A8.

Audi does not want to focus on hybrids, but is instead hoping to use them as stepping stones to building electric vehicles. That's why the emphasis on skipping over mild hybrid technology and going right for full hybrids.

Full hybrids can be propelled by either the electric motor or the gas engine. Mild hybrids use the electric motor to 'assist' the gas engine which is responsible for actually moving the car.

Audi will have a Hybrid Q5 Crossover late this year or early next year, with the A8 Hybrid (now that it's out there) expected sometime after.

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