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Hybrid Car Review: GM Warranty for 100,000 Miles on the Volt Battery

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GM Warranty for 100,000 Miles on the Volt Battery

GM is guaranteeing their Volt battery for eight years, 100,000 miles. That's a pretty good guarantee. And GM hopes it will be enough to alleviate the worries new Volt buyers may have about the new battery types.

The 16kWh lithium-ion battery found in the Volt isn't based off of new technology, but it is expensive. If it failed (and there was no guarantee), it would cost thousands to replace.

Used Volt buyers a decade from now... they may have something to worry about. But that's the risk people take when they buy used. If you bought a used gas-only car and the transmission died, it's going to cost. So, buying a used hybrid or E-REV like the Volt should be the same, right?

The warranty covers the battery components, the liquid thermal management system, charging system and electric drive components and is transferable at no cost.

The rest of the warranty is extensive:
100,000 mile/5-year transferable Engine Limited Warranty (for Range Extender)
100,000 mile/5-year 24/7 Roadside Assistance Program
100,000 mile/5-year 24/7 Courtesy Transportation Program
36,000 mile/ 3-year no deductible Bumper-to-Bumper transferable warranty
100,000 mile/6-year corrosion protection

One last note: the graphic is a bit ridiculous. The comparison to the Tesla is warranted, but a better comparison would be to the Prius battery warranty, not to cell phone batteries. Yes, cell phone batteries are lithium, but really...

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