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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Works on Their Own Smart Grid

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Toyota Works on Their Own Smart Grid

Toyota is working on their own plug-in smart grid system for homes. With plug-in hybrids coming in the next couple of years, Toyota wants to be ready for the new phase of vehicle development.

One of the biggest limiting factors on electric (or even partially electric cars) is the limited sources for plugging in. Add in how long it takes to recharge a battery pack and you can understand why most people would be reluctant to switch out of their gasoline powered cars.

Nissan, with the new electric Leaf, had installers come and emplace vehicle recharging stations in homes of people who buy the Leaf. Toyota has the same intentions, apparently, but they want to install their systems into new car buyers homes.

The smart grid installation from Toyota "allows people to see on TV screens and mobile handsets how much electricity is being consumed by a household, how much a plug-in vehicle has charged, and how much electricity has been stored in the home. Source: Detroit News"

It also works out when to shut off gadgets that aren't being used and how to maximize when to recharge the battery in your car (rates are cheaper at night).

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