Prius V Launch Delayed ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Prius V Launch Delayed

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prius V Launch Delayed

Not surprisingly, the Prius V launch for April has officially been delayed.  No word on when the launch will happen, but it was scheduled for April in Japan.  No decisions have been made about the summertime launch in the US.

Something to keep in mind is the delay in production for all hybrids (really, all vehicles depending in any way on supplies from Japan) is going to be affected in the coming months, which will affect pricing and supply.  It's already hitting the used hybrid marketplace, and it won't be long before dealers start worrying about when they're going to get another vehicle in.

Press Release from Toyota:
Toyota Motor Corp. announced today that it decided to postpone launch of the Japan-market Prius-derivative vehicle originally scheduled for launch in late April. No decision has been made at this time on when the launch will be rescheduled.

As announced at the North American International Auto Show (Detroit) in January, the Prius v – as the vehicle is known in the U.S. market – is scheduled to launch the end of summer 2011. No decision has been made in regards to a possible need to change the launch timing.

We're making every effort to minimize disruptions to our overall operations

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