Save Money on Gas ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Save Money on Gas

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Save Money on Gas

The EPA, the Dept of Energy, and the FTC, have posted information on how to save gas. Fuel economy can be done on a day to day basis for all drivers.

Driving well can improve your gas mileage dramatically.
1) Avoiding jackrabit starts and stops (5% savings on side roads - 33% on the highway)
2) Driving the speed limit (7% difference from 60 to 65!)
3) Avoiding unnecessary idling
4) Using overdrive and/or cruise control
5) Avoiding packing items on top of your car as it produces wind resistance(up to 5%)
6) Removing the unnecessary items from the trunk (100 lbs in the trunk = 2%)

Routine Maintenance can make a big difference
1) Keeping your engine tuned can make a 4% difference.
2) Tires properly inflated can save you up to 3%
3) Changing your oil regularly helps maintain your engine, but it will also increase your fuel economy. Make sure to use the correct oil for your car, though.
4) Changing your air filters can increase your fuel efficiency by 10%

A few other tips:
1) Don't use the A/C when it's not necessary.
2) Combine errands
3) Car Pool to work, ride the bus or use other public transportation, ride a bike, or just walk to where you're going.

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