Top ten green cars from the EPA - 2006 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Top ten green cars from the EPA - 2006

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Top ten green cars from the EPA - 2006

The EPA rated the 2006 cars based on air pollution, greenhouse gas and fuel economy. With an air pollution score of 9.5, a greenhouse gas score of 10 and a city/highway of 60/51, the Toyota Prius came out on top. The Honda Civic hybrid comes in a close second with the same scores, but a lower fuel economy of 49/51. The Ford Escape Hybrid comes in third with 36/31, an air pollution score of 9.5 and greenhouse gas score of 8.

ModelAir Pollution ScoreGreenhouse Gas ScoreFuel Economy
Toyota Prius9.5
Honda Civic Hybrid
Ford Escape Hybrid 2WD
Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD
Mercury Mariner Hybrid
Mazda Tribute Hybrid
Mazda 3
Chevrolet Cobalt
Saturn Ion
Ford Focus

The air pollution rating is based on tailpipe pollutants that cause smog and health problems. 10 is cleanest. Greenhouse rating based on emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2. 10 is best.

Information from the EPA Green Vehicle Guide.

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