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Hybrid Car Review: Are hybrid drivers smug?

Friday, March 31, 2006

Are hybrid drivers smug?

South Park took aim at hybrid drivers with their latest show "Smug alert". It seems Stan convinces all of South Park to drive hybrid cars, but a 'smug' cloud threatens to destroy them all. Its only when all of the hybrid cars are destroyed and everyone starts driving SUVs (the bigger the better!) that the danger truly passes.

In the real world hybrid owners, especially those who drive the Prius, are getting a reputation for being smug. This attitude is crytalised in the post "Why you won't buy a hybrid". This seems to stem from the privileges being passed onto hybrid owners, specifically being allowed to drive in the HOV lane. Or, it seems that people don't like to see hybrid owners driving the speed limit on the highway.

Why the Prius in particular? Most of the other hybrid cars and suvs aren't distinct. They tend, except for a hybrid badge, to look a lot like their gas counterparts.

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