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Hybrid Car Review: 2008 Toyota Prius to get 94 mpg

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2008 Toyota Prius to get 94 mpg

According to the UK's Auto Express, Toyota is attempting to improve the Prius in its next generation. Not only are they hoping to improve its 10.9 second 0-62 acceleration by a second, they are also hoping to improve its mileage to 94 mpg!

Most of the improvements will come from switching the battery from a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) to lithium cells. They will be streamlining the whole electrical system in order to up the ante in the hybrid tech world.

Hybrids have not been as successful in Europe as they have been in North America. A recent poll indicated less than half of Britons know what a hybrid is. In Europe, diesel engines has become the success stroy, while hybrids have fallen behind.

Auto Express

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Anonymous said...

nickel hybride? Do better research and proofreading... that should be nickel metal HYDRIDE!

Unknown said...

That's true. It should be nickel metal hydride. My apologies, and I fixed the post.

Mike said...

This seems to be in conflict with stories at Green Car Congress, After Gutenberg, and the Wall Street Journal (who's probably the source for the other two) pointing out that Toyota's going with with the NiMH due to reliability concerns.


Unknown said...

Hi Mike. Yes, recent reports indicate Toyota may be pulling back on on their next generation improvements due to battery issues.

But this story was from April 2006, before those recent reports. I was updating my categories yesterday and it seems to have resent all these stories to my feed.

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